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Our selection of treatment masks specifically formulated for blemished skin and skin prone to getting oily during the day.
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Topix Clay Mint Mask CELLective Clarifying Camphor Acne Blaster Masque DCL Clay Mint Mask
Clay Mint Mask
Our Price: $16.50
Clay Mint Mask
Our Price: $31.00
Helps clean and tighten pores while absorbing excess oil.

Feel the refreshing relief of clear skin. Remove all congestion with Topix Clay Mint Mask. It draws out pore-clogging oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, leaving the skin fresh, smooth, and even.
CELLective Clarifying Camphor Acne Blaster Masque is a white creamy masque that addresses blemishes, problem skin and excess oil production. This is a very medicinal masque that purges the skin removing toxins and clogged pores while colloidal sulfur heals acne breakouts. **Esthetician's Favorite**
DCL Clay Mint Mask is a refreshing mask containing bentonite (raw chinese clay) will help clean pores, absorb excess oil and improve the texture and tone of the skin.
This clay based mask will help remove blackheads and unclog congested skin. A truly excellent product for oily skin, congested skin, and acne-prone skin.
AcneWORX Acne Treatment Cream GlyDerm Gly Masque gloTherapeutics gloClear Refining Mask
Gly Masque
Our Price: $38.00
Clear Refining Mask
Our Price: $40.00
AcneWORX is a clinically proven acne treatment solution that contains 2% salicylic acid (SA), an effective medicine that can reduce or eliminate your acne pimples and prevent new ones from forming. SA helps break the acne cycle by dissolving the plug of skin and oil that clogs pores and makes pimples form.

AcneWORX is water-based and lipid-rich. This means less irritation on your skin.

GlyDerm Gly Masque - 3% AHA* - A unique, combination of Glycolic esters and natural rare earths. The Masque makes the skin feel invigorated and smoother. In addition, make-up may be applied immediately after. gloClear Refining Mask is an oil absorbing clay mask intended to clear the skin of breakouts and calm irritation. Proven blemish fighting ingredients give the appearance of smaller pores and leave the skin refined and radiant.
Sircuit youth accelerator Pumpkin Enzyme Peel youth accelerator PRO Pumpkin Mask
Sircuit youth accelerator pumpkin enzyme peel is a pore refiner and enzyme peel that dissolves unwanted debris and dead skin cells.
100% Natural Fruit Acid Formula (Glycolic Polymer) created from Nutrient-Rich Pumpkin. Pumpkin is extremely rich in Vitamin A, as well as a host of other vitamins and minerals.
Lasts 8-10 Months!
Sircuit Skin youth accelerator PRO Pumpkin Mask is a 20% Pore refiner and enzyme peel dissolves unwanted debris and dead skin cells.