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What makes Badger Different?

High level of Zinc Oxide (physical block) of 18.75% or higher in every product. When you purchase Badger products, you know EXACTLY what you are getting. That is because we believe in full disclosure of ingredients - both on the product packaging and online. After all, when you have the best Certified Organic Ingredients on the planet, you want everyone to know.

RESPECT: We respect our customers, the planet and all things on it. So we work very hard to make sure our products are safe and ethically sourced. That is why you will never find synthetics, parabens, GMO’s, phthalates, or any other nasty stuff from dubious sources in our products - EVER!

We’ve been doing “our thing” for a long time, and love to share what we know. Years of tradition and research plus lots of love go into our products—which is why they work really well.