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(Or one of the many hybrids which utilize both, of course.)

Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing (or sometimes scattering) UV rays. Physical (or mineral) is when the UV is reflected off the skin, and doesn’t absorb into the skin at all.

Chemical sunscreen is far easier to find and use than physical, and is probably what you’re using currently

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SmartShield SPF 30 Sunscreen Towelette w/ Insect Repellent (Deet-Free) SmartShield SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray w/ Insect Repellent (Deet-Free) Minus-Sol Facial Sun Protection SPF 30+ - White
SmartShield SUNSCREEN / INSECT REPELLENT COMBO Resealable Pouch of 15 Towelettes

All the sun and insect protection you need in a handy towelette! The soft towelettes provide long-lasting, oil-free sunscreen and natural insect repellent. They're safe for the environment - and the pop-up dispenser is convenient for you to use. The canister is packed with 15 SmartShield towelettes. Each towelette is saturated with our SPF 30 sun protection liquid.
It's waterproof, sweat proof and uses chemical-free insect repellent ingredients - cedar essence and lemongrass - statistically proven to be just as effective as DEET-based products.

SmartShield SUNSCREEN LOTION w/ Built-In Insect Repellent
(Cedar Fragrance)

Continous Spray Container

Protect your skin from UV rays with a light, oil-free formula that absorbs and dries quickly- without leaving behind any greasy residue. This light, waterproof sunscreen will keep you protected with SPF 30. PABA-free.
Contains aloe to soothe your skin.
DISCONTINUED BY MFG - Recommended Alternative: EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46

Minus-Sol Sunscreen
is a luxurious, water and sweat resistant, sun protection in a silky smooth cream. The silky smoothness comes from the enhanced chitosan added to its base. Minus Sol is oil-free, non-comedogenic and specifically designed for sensitive skin.
EltaMD UV Spray SPF 46 gloTherapeutics Oil Free SPF 40 PCA pHaze 6+ Hydrator Plus SPF 30
Back in Stock and Improved...UV AERO Spray SPF 45

EltaMD introduces the only spray-on sunscreen with transparent zinc oxide 9.3%. EltaMD UV Spray SPF 46 provides fast and convenient sun protection for the on-the-go family and makes it easy to protect hard-to-reach places.

gloTherapeutics Oil Free SPF 40+
is a full coverage, lightweight sunscreen that offers protection from the suns damaging rays.
A nourishing moisturizer formulated for normal, dry or mature skin types for daytime UV protection and hydration.
PCA pHaze 7 Protecting Hydrator SPF 30 Minus-Sol Facial Sun Protection SPF 30+ - White RepleniX Advanced Antioxidant Sunscreen 50+
New and Improved! Now in a bottle for ease of dispensing and technologically advanced ingredient updates. pHaze 7 Protecting Hydrator is a non-oily daily hydrator with SPF formulated with aloe vera and panthenol to provide light moisture with a matte finish. It provides optimal broad-spectrum UVA/UVB coverage with the ultra-sheer protective benefits of Z-Cote and additional sunscreen agents. DISCONTINUED BY MFG - Recommended Alternative: EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 TINTED

Minus Sol Sunscreen is oil-free, non-comedogenic and specifically designed for sensitive skin. It is safe for children older than 6 months of age and retains its SPF for more than 80 minutes of activity in water or sweating. You can use it all over the body.
Replenix Advanced Antioxidant Sunscreen 50+ is an advanced sun protection product that blocks most UV radiation from interacting with the skin and can minimize the effect of the UV that does interact by neutralizing and quenching damaging UV induced free radicals.
PCA Weightless Protection SPF 45 Ti-Silc GT Sunblock SPF 60+ (Tinted) Neova Silc Sheer SPF 40 Photo Finish Tint
NEW! PCA Weightless Protection SPF 45 is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides unsurpassed UVA/UVB protection with the ultra-sheer technology of Z-Cote and a blend of additional UV-absorbers.
Its unique quick-absorbing and light finish makes weightless protection spf 45 ideal for patients with oily or breakout-prone skin and those who dislike the feel of traditional sunscreen products.
This item has been discontinued by the mfg. Reformulated as a combination product of the old Ti-Silc GT 60 with green tea and the old ti-silc sheer 40 (consistency wise, the new product feels more like the GT 60). The new formulation is the Silc Sheer 45 Photo Finish Tint

Ti-Silc GT SPF 60+ combines the superior SPF protection of Titanium Dioxide with Japanese Green Tea to help protect your skin against free radical damage and from the sun's harmful rays.
High-performance formulation is designed to blend in naturally without a chalky residue leaving skin smooth and satiny. Water-resistant.
A combination of the old Ti-Silc GT 60 and Ti-Silc Sheer 45 Neova DNA Damage Control Silc Sheer SPF 40 provides sun protection, while helping to correct DNA damage caused by UV rays. Basic sunscreens help prevent skin injury, but do nothing to correct damage.
Neova Active SPF 45 DNA Repair Sesha Repair Protect 30 Day Emulsion
Active SPF 43 DNA Repair
Our Price: $46.00
Neova DNA Damage Control Active SPF 45 is specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts. The SPF provides complete photo protection, while repairing tissue at the cellular level. Repair Protect 30 Day Emulsion  combines the most advanced antioxidant complexes with marine enzymes designed to aid spontaneous DNA self-repair, quench free radical assault, and protect the skin from environmental damage.