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You may not think about your feet that often -- way down there at the ends of your legs -- but they're an essential part of almost everything you do. Whether walking, running, exercising, or just standing, having feet that are comfortable and well-cared for (rather than aching or in pain) makes the experience must more pleasant.

And, this isn't just about feeling good. When your feet don't get the attention they need, chronic problems can develop, which may trouble you for years to come.
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Stiefel Zeasorb Anti-Fungal Powder Healthy Feet Anti-Callus Salve Footlogix Tired Legs
Tired Legs - 8
Our Price: $26.50
Zeasorb Anti-Fungal Powder by Stiefel Labs is a super absorbent anti-fungal powder. With its exclusive, patented formula, absorbs far more moisture than other powders. Proven clinically effective in the treatment of athletes foot, jock itch and ringworm. Relieves itching, scaling, burning and discomfort associated with minor skin conditions. Kneipp Anti-Callus Salve, with soothing Calendula extract and pleasantly stimulating Rosemary Essential Oil, contains nourishing jojoba oil, skin-soothing panthenol and allantoin. It also contains 25% Urea which significantly improves rough, chapped and callused skin. Footlogix Tired Legs is designed to eliminate the stress and discomfort of tired, heavy legs. Cares for particularly stressed skin of tired and heavy legs and gives more resistance. It is absorbed into the skin quickly and without any greasy trace.
Footlogix Cold Feet Formula Footlogix Sweaty Feet Formula Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream
Cold Feet Formula - 4
Our Price: $27.00
Sweaty Feet Formula - 5
Our Price: $27.00
Footlogix Cold Feet Formula is designed to gently warm cold feet by increasing and improving blood circulation with rosemary. It also contains Urea to leave feet soft and moisturized. Perceptibly stimulates skin circulation, warming up cold feet. Footlogix Sweaty Feet Formula reduces perspiration of the feet. Contains Sage, which eliminates excessive perspiration, and Oak Bark (an astringent), which closes the pores of the skin. Noticeably reduces perspiration of the feet. It is absorbed into the skin quickly and without a trace of any greasy residue. Glytone Ultra Heel & Elbow Cream

High concentrations of Glycolic Acid act quickly to exfoliate and lubricate dry, coarse, and dead thickened skin. This product has a pH of 2.0 and free glycolic acid percentage of 29.5%.