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Care of the hair and care of the scalp skin may appear separate, but are actually intertwined because hair grows from beneath the skin. The living parts of hair (hair follicle, hair root, root sheath and sebaceous gland) are beneath the skin, while the actual hair shaft which emerges (the cuticle which covers the cortex and medulla) has no living processes. Damage or changes made to the visible hair shaft cannot be repaired by a biological process, though much can be done to manage hair and ensure that the cuticle remains intact.

Scalp skin, just like any other skin on the body, must be kept healthy to ensure a healthy body and healthy hair production. If the scalp is not cleaned regularly, by the removal of dead skin cells, toxins released through the skin or external hazards (such as bacteria, viruses, and chemicals) may create a breeding ground for infection. However, not all scalp disorders are a result of bacterial infections. Some arise inexplicably, and often only the symptoms can be treated for management of the condition (such as dandruff).

Why are Sulfates in Hair Products Bad?
Sulfates are detergents that produce lather. They are found in a variety of beauty products including shampoo, conditioner, body washes and soaps. Sulfates can be rather harsh on the skin, including the scalp, stripping away natural beneficial oils that protect the skin from bacteria, dry skin and fungus.
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CELLective NutraPeptide Conditioner DermaZinc Spray Drops
DermaZinc Spray Drops
Our Price: $37.60
CELLective NutraPeptide Conditioner addresses hair and scalp health on a cellular level and improves overall hair growth. This conditioner helps to fortify your existing hair and reduce breakage.
Patented formulation of medicated DermaZinc Spray Drops is the original topical zinc pyrithione treatment for chronic skin conditions. By combining (0.25%) zinc pyrithione with isopropyl myristate, Dermalogix Partners has created in DermaZinc Spray/Drops one of the most effective anti-itching, anti-flaking, anti-fungal agents available for treating skin disorders sold over the counter