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We now have a handful of eyelash enhancing serums that actually makes your eyelashes appear stronger, thicker, darker and fuller and they really work!

Lash extensions have been gaining in popularity over the last five years and many high end spas and salons offer this service to their clients however; they are costly, time consuming, and you must continue a maintenance program to keep them up. The adhesives used can be sensitizing for many women preventing them from being able to have lash extensions.

For women on a budget, have time restraints or cannot tolerate lash extensions - now there is an alternative and WOW...what an alternative it is! Women everywhere are discovering the benefits of lash enhancing serums/gels, what have you got to lose? (certainly not more lashes).

No matter which product you choose to enhance your eyelashes, you will be thrilled with the results. Our Estheticians agree; you cannot go wrong with these lash enhancers!
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ReLuma Lash
ReLuma Lash
Our Price: $120.00
ReLuma Lash
* Enhance the length and fullness of your eyelashes naturally
* Avoid the unpleasant and harmful side effects associated with more aggressive cosmetic procedures and products.
* Formulated with a patent pending technology
* Available without a prescription