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Melasma or Chloasma: Skin discoloration that appears as blotchy brown spots, often covering cheeks, forehead, or temples. This type of hyper-pigmentation can be hereditary, or triggered by hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause.
The most common cause of skin discoloration is a result of sun exposure. Taking birth control pills can also cause Melasma.
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PCA Perfecting Protection SPF 30 EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 CELLective Clinical Elite Sunscreen SPF 30
Elite Sunscreen SPF 30
Our Price: $35.00
NEW! PCA Perfecting Protection SPF 30 is a revolutionary broad-spectrum UVA/UVB product that combines the superior protective benefits of Z-Cote and other potent sunscreen agents with five melanogenesis inhibitors.
This unique blend of ingredients works to reduce existing skin discoloration while preventing future hyperpigmentation. In addition, potent antioxidants caffeine and silybum marianum extract, commonly referred to as milk thistle, work to fight damaging environmental free radicals, inflammation and the formation of sunburn cells.
EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 combines the broad-spectrum sunscreen protection of zinc oxide with the skin care benefits of Niacinamide to calm and protect sensitive, acne-prone skin. Contains Zinc oxide 9.0%, Octinoxate 7.5%
CELLective Clinical Elite Sunscreen SPF 30 Non-Glycolic formula supports Glycolic acid with added hydration

Elite Sunscreen is formulated with purest pharmaceutical grade 17% Micronized Zinc Oxide to provide the highest level of broad spectrum UVA/
UVB protection.

EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 TINTED gloTherapeutics Lightening Serum Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Lightening Booster Blend
Lightening Serum
Our Price: $42.00
Our Top Selling Sunscreen just got a SHADE better!

EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 - TINTED is the same oil-free formula as the original UV Clear only with a universal tint to even out skin tone that is mottled by acne, rosacea or pigmentation. It contains niacinamide (5%), hyaluronic acid and lactic acid to promote the appearance of healthy looking skin. Both tinted and original untinted EltaMD UV Clear are formulated specifically for skin that needs protection from sun damage but not the heavy feel of a regular sunscreen. EltaMD UV Clear Tinted is light and absorbs quickly. Sought after by those with acne prone skin and rosacea because of its oil-free nature and tendancy to calm and promote healing.
Battles discolorations with a highly effective combination of lighteners, melanin inhibitors and mild exfoliants. Additional ingredients complement the lightening process with benefits that help support the skin's health, strength and brightness.
pH: 3.0
Osmosis Pur Medical offers boosting agents in the form of powders that can be added to any treatment lotion, serum or cream to boost its effects on the skin.

Osmosis Pur Medical Lightening Booster Powder Blend utilizes a combination of amino acids that focus on treating and lightening pigmentation. Increase the efficacy of this powder by combining it with Vitamin C Powder Blend.
CELLective Clinical Retinol Transforming Night Cream NIA 24 Rapid Depigmentation Serum gloTherapeutics Triple Action Serum
Triple Action Serum
Our Price: $90.00
CELLective Retinol Transforming Night Cream is one of our "must have" products. This cream is recommended for use by everyone from a teen with acne to mature skin with deep wrinkles and sun damage. Encapsulated retinol (Vitamin A) stimulates cell regeneration to enhance skin tone, texture and reduces the appearance of discoloration, age spots and blemishes. This is a unique retinol based cream that is combined with powerful peptides, lightening and brightening agents, antioxidants and DNA Repair.

**This retinol cream is equivalent in strength to a 0.035% Prescription Strength**

Get rid of age spots fast with NIA24 Rapid Depigmentation Serum.

See a significant improvement in your complexion with this NIA24 treatment for hyperpigmentation. NIA 24 Rapid Depigmentation Serum contains a mix of concentrated, clinically proven ingredients that improve skins tone and texture while it fades age spots. This lightweight serum penetrates into the deep layers of your skin, effectively targeting the signs of hyperpigmentation at the source. With continued use, you will quickly notice a brighter, clearer complexion with fewer age spots.
Recommended For: Hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, again, sun damage, dull complexions, pre- and post- treatment.
gloTherapeutics Triple Action Serum delivers visible regulation of cell renewal and evens tone and clarity in target areas immediately.
DCL C-Scape Time Release Cream CELLective Clinical DayGUARD Sesha Clinical Advanced Lightening Serum
This product has been discontinued by the MFG. Recommended Replacement is DCL C Scape High Potency Serum 25

DCL C Scape Time Release Cream
evens discoloration, firms sagging skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A potent concentration of vitamin C boosts collagen production, infusing skin with a slew of antioxidants and neutralizing free radicals.
Panthenol and shea butter deeply nourish and hydrate for a glowing complexion.
DayGUARD Active C&E + Peptides is a stable, effective and convenient antioxidant therapy for skin renewal and repair.

Traditional liquid serums can quickly degrade to the degree where the active ingredients no longer are effective. CELLective Clinical DayGUARD is a silky cream delivered in convenient single-use capsules that ensure you get fresh Vitamin C every time.

Stable 10% Vitamin C, 5% Vitamin E + Biopeptides softens, smoothes and gives your skin a healthy glow.
Sesha Clinical Advanced Lightening Serum is an advanced lightening formulation that includes hydroquinone and powerful lightening agents that increase cell-turnover rate and decrease deep melanin sediment. This complex serum reduces and inhibits tyrosinase activity to restore the skins natural tone.
Sesha Clinical Complex-C Serum PCA Intensive Clarity Treatment DCL C Scape High Potency Night Booster 30
Clinical Complex-C Serum
Our Price: $98.00
Sesha Clinical Complex-C Serum is an advanced anti-aging complex that combines the power of Vitamin C with the most innovative active ingredients to increase epidermal thickness, elasticity, restore the skin's dermal structure, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin. PCA Intensive Clarity Treatment
utilizes the power of 0.5% pure retinol paired with phytic acid, phenylethyl resorcinol and gluconolactone to deliver the ultimate nighttime treatment for those prone to breakouts and hyperpigmentation.
DCL C Scape High Potency Night Booster 30 firms, tightens and evens
skin tone all while you slumber. Formulated with 20% medical-grade
L-ascorbic acid, this potent cream plumps and fills in fine lines and
wrinkles while promoting collagen production so your complexion stays
smooth and radiant. Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and protects
skin from environmental stress.