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Diamond Microdermabrasion

Diamond MicroDermabrasion treatments,are one of the latest technologies developed to help natural cell regeneration through exfoliation, enabling us to reach the deepest layers of the skin where there are no impurities, wrinkles or blemishes. Microdermabrasion achieves results similar to derma-peeling but in a less aggressive manner that allows for immediate recovery allowing patients to return to their daily activity immediately. All exfoliating treatments pursue the same objective: to eliminate the different imperfections of the skin, but they are differentiated by the depth they reach and diamond crystals are characterised by their ability to reach the deepest epidermis layers in order to painlessly eliminate dead cells, thus promoting cell regeneration, increasing the production of collagen and, therefore, skin elasticity.

Results are immediate following the diamond microdermabrasion treatment. . Skin looks and feels soft and smooth, blackheads are softened so that they are easy to remove, acne scars and stretch marks are less visible, enlarged pores and laughter lines are less prominent, and the oxygen and nutrients in the blood flow to the surface of the skin to repair the tissues quickly and efficiently.