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What Does a Pedicure Include?

Like manicures, pedicures vary from spa to spa, but generally include an assortment of some or all of the treatments listed below. These treatments are a foot soak, exfoliation, nail trimming and grooming, cuticle treatment, foot massage, moisturizing, and nail polish. Again, you will be able to choose from different packages. You will also find that Radiant Skin Clinic offers "specialty" treatment that is unique to our clinic. Pedicures are specifically designed to remove dead skin and decrease the damage done to such an important body part as your feet.

What are the Benefits of Pedicures?

Pedicures have many of the same benefits as manicures, but for some, pedicures are even more important because of the pressure your feet are constantly put under. A good pedicure can prevent infections and diseases in the nails, as well as reduce the amount of odor your feet exude. Pedicures encourage renewal by removing the dead skin that encourages bunions and corns to sprout. This removal also encourages softer feet that will stay healthier, longer. Of course, the massage can't be forgotten. A gentle foot massage can relieve tension and decrease pain from constant use that will leave you feeling lighter on your feet for days.