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With new skin care ingredients and products being introduced to women constantly, it can become overwhelming to understand what these ingredients can do for your skin. Peptides are one of the most promising discoveries in the last few years. Learn more about this anti-aging powerhouse, what it can do for you and how you can add it into your beauty regimen. Peptides are molecular links of amino acids that help your skin to produce the anti-wrinkle protein known as collagen.

There are many, many types of peptides, but for skin care, there are specific peptides that are used widely. The most popular are collagen stimulating peptides are:
Copper Peptides
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 or Argireline
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Instantly Ageless Eye Lift Cream by Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Eye Lift Cream (Single Vial)

Instantly Ageless™ Eye Lift Cream is a powerful anti-wrinkle
micro-cream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible
signs of aging. The revolutionary ingredient is argireline: a peptide
that works like botox, without the needles. Instantly Ageless™ revives
the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores for a
flawless finish.

Our Price: $6.00
CELLective NutraPeptide Shampoo Cellective NutraPeptide Shampoo - 8 oz

CELLective NutraPeptide Shampoo has a wonderful light citrus blend scent. This unique shampoo contains Hexapeptide-11, which has been clinically shown to help increase collagen production and improve hair growth. NutraPeptide Shampoo has natural exfoliating properties which work to clear hair follicles of dead skin and make room for thicker hair growth.

Our Price: $19.50
CELLective NutraPeptide Conditioner Cellective NutraPeptide Conditioner

CELLective NutraPeptide Conditioner addresses hair and scalp health on a cellular level and improves overall hair growth. This conditioner helps to fortify your existing hair and reduce breakage.

Our Price: $20.50
PCA Peptide Lip Therapy Peptide Lip Therapy

PCA Peptide Lip Therapy is a scientifically advanced treatment that will help improve overall lip health and appearance.

  • Peptide and amino acid ingredients help rebuild the collagen matrix for increased strength and resiliency
  • BMX Complex boosts moisture retention and accumulation for maximum hydration

Our Price: $23.00
Glytone Rejuvenate Overnight Cream Rejuvenate Overnight Cream - DISCONTINUED BY MFG

Part of the Glytone Essentials Line
A rejuvenating night cream formulated with a unique, patented microvesicle delivery system that slowly releases skin-enhancing glycolic acid and moisturizing agents while you sleep. Softens, smoothes and retexturizes skin for a healthy looking complexion.

Our Price: $48.00
Sale Price: $33.60
Savings: $14.40
EltaMD Renew Eye Gel Renew Eye Gel

BENEFITS of EltaMD Renew Eye Gel:
* Oil-free formula helps eliminate under-eye puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles while generating brighter, healthier skin.

* Special peptides and natural extracts stimulate collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid production within the dermis to rebuild the skin matrix and prevent the appearance of skin aging.

* Significant results are usually visible within 30 days.

Our Price: $50.50
Sale Price: $35.35
Savings: $15.15
gloTherapeutics Eye Restore Eye Restore

gloTherapeutics gloEye Restore is an eye cream that improves the appearance of fine lines and puffiness while restoring the skin's texture. Three month clinical trial showed a 57% improvement in fine lines and 27% increase in firmness.

Our Price: $38.00

Milk Plus by Rhonda Allison is a totally fragrance free, all-natural probiotic milk cleanser that may be used for many skin types, giving skin a gentle, but thorough cleanse. Rosacea, sensitive skin, burnt, adolescent acne, aged and thin skin will love its soothing effects.

Our Price: $38.00
Alyria Intense Lip Volumizer Intense Lip Volumizer

Alyria Intense Lip Volumizer reduces the appearance of fine lines, increases the appearance of lip volume, redefines the lip contour and enhances the natural color while moisturizing.

Our Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $42.00
Savings: $18.00
Osmosis QUENCH PLUS+ Hydrating Plumper QUENCH PLUS+ Hydrating Plumper

Osmosis Quench Plus + is formulated with an amazing plumper to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while firming and evening your skin tone. It is delicately scented with white grapefruit and bergamot that is sure to lift your senses.

Our Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $42.00
Savings: $18.00
CELLective Sheer Berry Antioxidant Serum Cellective MultiDimensional Antioxidant Serum

CELLective Sheer Berry Antioxidant Serum is a light lotion consistency that absorbs quickly with a light lavender scent. High powered antioxidant fruit blends and anti-aging peptides are combined in this concentrated treatment product restoring the cellular matrix, protecting from environmental stresses and bringing life back to dull tired skin.

Our Price: $42.00
CELLective Neck Reserve Remodeling Creme Cellective Neck Reserve Remodeling Creme - 2 oz

CELLective Neck Reserve Remodeling Creme is a must have product for the neck and chin when experiencing "turkey neck" or crepy skin that reveals your age. Two special peptides that focus on the loss of elasticity around the chin, neck and jaw. This creme helps to reduce the appearance of excess fatty tissue that accumulates in the neck area which causes sagging and puffiness.

Our Price: $43.75
DCL Profoundly Effective A Profoundly Effective A SPF 30

DCL Profoundly Effective A with SPF 30
This moisturizing cream is formulated with a very special analog of Vitamin A and retinyl palmitate polypeptide.

Our Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $45.50
Savings: $19.50
Osmosis REPLENISH Antioxidant Repair Serum REPLENISH Antioxidant Repair Serum

Osmosis REPLENISH is your antioxidant army with liposomal delivery of the most proven and potent antioxidants available that prevents and fights free radical damage.

has 17 different antioxidants that are delivered to the deeper epidermis where they can effect change and protection to new skin cells.

Our Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $45.50
Savings: $19.50
CELLective ALA Eye Lifting Creme Cellective Eye Remedy Creme

CELLective ALA Eye Lifting Creme designed to treat and hydrate the delicate thinner skin around the eye area. This exquisite creme contains beneficial ingredients such as Matrixyl (peptides), Co-Q10, Mushroom Extract, Vitamin K and Arnica Extract (puffiness and discoloration).
**Twice the size of most Eye Creams**

Our Price: $46.00
PCA pHaze 12 eyeXcellence eyeXcellence - pHaze 12

A triple action eye cream formulated with peptides, licorice and active botanicals to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eye area. Designed to reduce dehydration, flaking and dryness around the sensitive area of the eyes.

Our Price: $48.00
CORRECT Skin Serum .05% Retinaldehyde CORRECT Skin Serum .05% Retinaldehyde

Osmosis CORRECT is our natural, liposomal, chirally correct "level one" anti-aging serum that contains ingredients that are proven to dramatically improve the skin. This wonderful anti-aging cream uses 7 different collagen / elastin stimulators to remodel the skin including our research-proven, patented liposomal retinaldehyde, liposomal chlorella, liposomal beta glucan and liposomal niacinamide.

Our Price: $70.00
Sale Price: $49.00
Savings: $21.00
Revision IntelliShade SPF 45 Tinted Moisturizer Intellishade SPF 45 Tinted Moisturizer

Flawless Matching for Every Skin Tone Combined with SPF 45 Sun Protection!
* Natural mineral coverage is combined with proprietary Intellishade Technology to provide flawless coverage for every skin tone, every time.
* Sheer coverage diminishes small imperfections and redness
* Skin tone's natural radiant is amplified with light-reflecting particles.

Our Price: $52.00
Revision IntelliShade SPF 45 Tinted Moisturize MATTE Intellishade SPF 45 Tinted Moisture MATTE

Flawless Matching for Every Skin Tone Combined with SPF 45 Sun Protection!

* Natural mineral coverage is combined with proprietary Intellishade Technology to provide flawless coverage for every skin tone, every time.
* Sheer coverage diminishes small imperfections and redness
* Skin tone's natural radiant is amplified with light-reflecting particles.

Our Price: $52.00
CELLective Peptide Creme with  ALA CELLective Peptide Creme w/ ALA (known as Cellective Aging Skin Manipulator)

CELLective Peptide Creme w/ ALA (alpha lipoic acid) brings back luster and a youthful radiance. This is an excellent choice for dehydrated skin. ALA promotes cell energy production while the right peptides in this creme reduce lines and lifts tired, sagging skin.

**Excellent for skin changing due to fluctuations in hormone levels associated with menopause**

Our Price: $52.00
CELLective Peptide Treatment Lotion Cellective DNA Cell Repair Lotion

CELLective Peptide Treatment Lotion with COQ10, Vitamin C and Japanese Green Tea has the light fragrance of natural lemongrass oil. This lotion incorporates peptides, antioxidants and natural hydrating oils to repair damaged skin, promote collagen renewal and increased skin thickness.

Our Price: $52.00
CELLective Clinical Luminous Peptide Serum Cellective Luminous Peptide Serum

CELLective Luminous Peptide Serum naturally brightens skin and reduces the wrinkle depth providing a lifting effect.

Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, a main ingredient in this serum, reduces wrinkle depth by 44% and increases lifting effect by 17%. Combine this with Daisy Flower Extract which reduces melanin formation and antioxidative activity, providing significant lightening effects.

Our Price: $54.00
Alyria Anti-Dark Circle Eye Cream Anti-Dark Circle Eye Cream

Alyria Anti-Dark Circle Cream enlists the aid of powerful peptide-driven complexes to eliminate dark circles and help produce a younger-looking eye area. Active ingredient, HALOXYL, strengthens vessels and tissues under the eyes, preventing dark circles from forming while Achromaxyl,  a skin lightening botanical extract, helps defend against pigmentation leaving your eye area looking brighter.

Our Price: $78.00
Sale Price: $54.60
Savings: $23.40
SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump TNS LipPlump System

TNS LipPlump System. Be the first to experience fuller lips with NouriCel-MD combined with Hyaluronic Acid! Restores lip fullness and volume within minutes and offers long-lasting anti-aging benefits.

Our Price: $55.00
Replenix All Trans Retinol Eye Repair Cream All-Trans-Retinol Eye Repair Cream

Replenix All-Trans-Retinol Eye Repair Cream is an advanced age-defying cream with the ability to illuminate the eye and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with 90% green tea polyphenols to help fend off free radicals from the delicate eye area and arnica to diminish dark circles. Peptides also aid in firming the eye area so you can reveal a brighter, more youthful look.

Our Price: $81.00
Sale Price: $56.70
Savings: $24.30
Neova Illuminating Eye Therapy Neova Eye Therapy

Neova Illuminating Eye Therapy 4.0, with breakthrough DNA CoFactor technology, is a new, brilliant formula that effectively combats the signs of under-eye dark circles caused by poor microcirculation. It instantly brightens the entire eye area, minimizing the appearance of dark under-eye circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Our Price: $58.00
Rhonda Allison Eye Revitalizer Daytime Eye Refresher Eye Revitalizer Daytime Eye Refresher

Rhonda Allison Eye Revitalizer Daytime Eye Refresher is a silky cream that has a cooling effect when applied around the eyes. The area around the eyes immediately feels tightened and refreshed.

Eye Revitalizer is formulated with an enhanced freezing peptide that provides a quick pick-me-up for tired fatigued eyes.

Our Price: $58.00
Glytone Antioxidant Night Cream Age-Defying Antioxidant Night Cream

Glytone Age-Defying Antioxidant Night Cream - A night cream with Peptide Complex that acts in the DEJ protecting the
skin against exogenous oxidative stressors and reducing the appearance
of fine line and wrinkles. A rich cream, designed to visibly reduce the
signs of premature aging
such as loss of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles

Our Price: $90.00
Sale Price: $63.00
Savings: $27.00
CELLective Clinical Retinol Transforming Night Cream Cellective Transforming Retinol Cream

CELLective Retinol Transforming Night Cream is one of our "must have" products. This cream is recommended for use by everyone from a teen with acne to mature skin with deep wrinkles and sun damage. Encapsulated retinol (Vitamin A) stimulates cell regeneration to enhance skin tone, texture and reduces the appearance of discoloration, age spots and blemishes. This is a unique retinol based cream that is combined with powerful peptides, lightening and brightening agents, antioxidants and DNA Repair.

**This retinol cream is equivalent in strength to a 0.035% Prescription Strength**

Our Price: $63.00
DCL Post Peel Quick Recovery Quick Recovery Post Treatment Cream

Product has been discontinued by the MFG. Recommended Replacement is DCL Ultra Comfort Cream

DCL Quick Recovery Post Treatment Cream
(formerly known as Post Peel Quick Recovery) Promotes healing and recovery of the skin. Packed with anti-irritants, anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients that will not only help the skin feel more comfortable immediately but also aid in faster healing and recovery.

Our Price: $65.00