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PREVOX addresses a critical unmet need in clinical skin care: can a single product prevent photo-aging, improve skin tone (ie hyper-pigmentation), hydrate the skin, reduce acne, decrease inflammation and provide barrier protection? The answer is: PREVOX. PREVOX is a comprehensive and integrated topical antioxidant and is considered to be crucial in protecting the skin from oxidative stress and consequently preventing the photo-aging process.

What should patients experience:
1. Skin hydration leading to decreased appearance of wrinkles
2. Improved skin tone - reduction of hyper-pigmentation
3. Decreased skin pore size
4. Tightening of the skin
5. Decreased redness (rosacea patients)
6. Anti-inflammatory (great for post peels, lasers, etc.) reducing down time
7. As a Topical antioxidant it will counteract the effects of oxidative stress and have clinical anti-photoaging properties.