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What is Reluma?

Introducing the ReLuma Anti-Aging skin care and hair therapy regimes, with highly potent formulations of human adult stem cell growth factors including cytokines and matrix proteins. The elegant formulations are designed to “heal” wrinkles, which are clinically considered wounds providing the results we all want – tighter more supple, smoother skin, a real and genuinely noticeable healthy glow, more elasticity, and diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But it’s the GLOW that gets the comments. This occurs because ReLuma is designed to assist, facilitate and signal human skin cell renewal.

ReLuma’s Cytokine and Growth Factor Core Technology utilizes human adult stem cell technology to supplement the declining processes of aging. The human stem cell technology used in ReLuma products are there to activate your own dermal cell production, using your own body’s own repair processes to assist in the creation of collagen and elastin- leading to skin that looks and feels new and healthy. The combined action of numerous growth factors and matrix proteins within Reluma products provide the greatest opportunity for cellular stimulation and synergy of skin cell behavior.