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The SRS line by Topix uses an advanced system of enzymes, antioxidants, moisturizers and peptides to offer patients maximum results while promoting overall skin health.

Product Highlights:
Advanced delivery system
State-of-the-art ingredients

Recommended Skin Types:
SRS Skin Repair Solutions is recommended for all skin types.
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Skin Repair Solutions Cell Repair Therapy Skin Repair Solutions Pro-Ceramide Barrier Repair
Excellent Replacement for Celfix DNA Youth Recovery Serum
SRS Skin Repair Solutions Cell Repair Therapy from the Skin Repair Solutions Line delivers targeted delivery of repair enzymes along with nourishing antioxidants and advanced moisturizers to assist the skins daily repair, recovery and protective process.
Targeted delivery of Ceramides, Antioxidants and Moisturizers
SRS Pro-Ceramide Barrier Repair is specially formulated to deliver complex-lipid hydration, retinol revitalization and nourishing antioxidants that support healthy skin barrier function, regulation and repair. It delivers advanced moisturizers to the skin including ceramides and hyaluronic acid coupled with Rosemary extract and antioxidants.