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A person with sensitive skin has a lot more trouble with environmental factors than the average person. Their skin burns more easily in the sun, they have more sensitivity to cosmetics (particularly if perfumed) and may experience rashes or a burning sensation due to overexposure to wind, sun, and extreme shifts in temperature.

Sensitive skin tends to be thin, delicate with fine pores. It flushes easily, is prone to broken capillaries, is frequently allergic and can be rashy. Asian skin tends to be more on the sensitive side as does Irish skin.
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Deluxe Trial PyratineXR Creme Goats Milk & Oatmeal Soap Trial - CELLective Oxygen Revitalizing Cleanser
Goats Milk & Oatmeal
Our Price: $3.15
NEW! Breakthrough formula for Rosacea Sufferers.
Best suited for normal / dry skin types

PyratineXR with 0.125% Furfuryl Tetrahydropyranyladenine has been followed in clinical studies for the past 48 weeks before coming to market in an effort to determine improvement in rosacea-prone skin.
Whole goat milk with Oatmeal benefits:
An all over beauty bar for face and body Cleopatra's secret for beautiful skin
A cold processed soap designed to preserve the natural goodness unique to goat milk
A highly moisturizing bar
Made with 40% whole goat milk
Recommended for eczema, psoriasis, acne, extremely dry or irritated skin
CELLectives O2 Revitalizing Cleanser is a beautifully rich textured lotion that invigorates and revitalizes the skin with Ginseng, Orchid extract and Glycoproteins. This cleanser removes dirt, makeup and oil without drying the skin leaving skin feeling refreshed. In our treatment room, this cleanser is very often mixed with CELLective Papaya Creme Enzyme Scrub for more thorough exfoliation in preparation of skin allowing treatment products to absorb more effectively.
CELLective Sage & Citrus Moisturizing Treatment Avene Thermal Spring Water CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
Our Price: $13.50
CELLective Sage & Citrus Moisturizing Treatment - Trial Size is a lightweight creme that absorbs quickly into skin taking with it beneficial botanicals of sage, watercress and Lemon bioflavonoids that purify and revitalize the complexion.

An excellent hydrator for combination skin and problem skin types.
AVENE Thermal Spring Water and its formulas bring your skin valuable soothing properties and helps reduce skin reactivity. Anytime your skin feels tight, spray a fine mist of Avene Thermal Spring Water over your face. It will leave a protective film onto your skin. The goal of effective cleansing is to loosen and remove dirt, germs, excess oils, dead cells, cosmetics, and medication residues without irritating the skin or drawing away needed moisture. CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser does not contain propylene glycol which is a known irritant to the skin and is found in popular brands such as Cetaphil.
Avene Thermal Spring Water CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Head
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
Our Price: $21.25
AVENE thermal spring Water and its Formulas bring your skin valuable soothing properties and helps reduce skin reactivity. Anytime your skin feels tight, spray a fine mist of Av�ne Thermal Spring Water over your face. It will leave a protective film onto your skin. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream also forms a protective layer over the skins surface to help prevent moisture loss utilizing a patented delivery technology, MVE, that gradually releases these ingredients to nourish and hydrate your skin throughout the day. Cleans more effectively than manual cleansing. May be beneficial to use with common skin conditions such as acne, seborrhea, eczema, and psoriasis.
Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head - Delicate (Blue Base) Clarisonic Refining Skin Polish Clarisonic Acne Brush Head
Clarisonic is a high frequency oscillating motion brush packaged in an easy-to-use electronically driven handle. Provides deep cleansing of the pores and skin's surface, yet is gentle enough for everyday use at home.
If you have sensitive or compromised skin, this is a good place to start
Clarisonic Refining Skin Polish is a skin polish that exfoliates, firms and smoothes areas of the body needing extra care. For All Skin Types developed by Robb Akridge, PhD, as an intensive, three-tier refining solution to exfoliate, firm and smooth. Acne Cleansing: Extra-plush bristle gradation helps to provide ultra-gentle cleansing for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Use with the Clarisonic Acne Clarifying Brush. 
ASAP Silver Skin Cream ASAP Daily Moisturizing Silver Lotion DermWorx Pure Balance Micelle Cleanser
ASAP Silver Skin Cream
Our Price: $25.00
ASAP Silver Skin Cream contains a powerful combination of SilverSol Nano Silver, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid for treatment of dry skin.

Excellent daily moisturizer for skin that is dry while still experiencing redness, sensitivity, acne breakouts and rosacea.
ASAP Daily Moisturizing Silver Lotion contains 20 ppm of SilverSol Nano Silver combined with coconut oil, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid is a light lotion formulation that is not too heavy and absorbs quickly.

Recommended for skin that is normal / combination with oily t-zone. Coconut oil and hyaluronic acid hydrate the skin while the silver particles treat redness, inflammation, active blemishes and overall sensitivity.

ASAP Daily Moisturizing Silver Lotion
is more effective than Benzoyl Peroxide at reducing p. acne bacteria on the skins surface without the side effects of dryness, irritation and bleaching. This lotion kills only the bad bacteria causing issues and leaves the good bacteria on the skin intact.
DermWorx Micelle Cleanser is a clinical grade cleansing water with active enhancers to boost your age-defying regimen. This is a unique leave-on cleanser that gentle removes makeup, oils and impurities from the skin leaving behind an elixir of skin-enhancing botanicals and conditioners.

What is a Micelle Cleanser?
This is a solution that consists of molecules that are water-loving and oil-loving properties. These molecules mop up oils breaking up the bonds between the skin and the excess oils while water loving molecules assist in the breakdown and removal of dirt, makeup and dead skin cells.
Vitamin D3 PLUS CELLective Blueberry & Coffeebean Exfoliating Cleanser Pevonia Sensitive Skin Toning Lotion
Vitamin D3 PLUS
Our Price: $29.95
Vitamin D3 Plus is the best Vitamin D on the market because it is
balanced with both Vitamin A and Vitamin K. The Vitamin A prevents the
Vitamin D from pulling calcium and the Vitamin K helps balance calcium
levels in the body.  Definitely a winner, especially for those taking
higher doses of Vitamin D to restore low levels.
CELLective Blueberry & Coffeebean Exfoliating Cleanser is a gel cleanser with a light scent of berries. This exfoliating cleanser removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin by utilizing enzymes of papaya which gentle resurface the skin without stinging or dryness. Pevonia Sensitive Skin Toning Lotion - Complete the cleanse, remove irritating tap water impurities, calm skin, control redness and irritation, and strengthen capillaries with this soothing, alcohol-free toner.
Pevonia Sensitive Skin Cleanser Pevonia Phyto-Aromatic Mist CELLective Oxygen Revitalizing Cleanser
Sensitive Skin Cleanser
Our Price: $32.00
Phyto-Aromatic Mist
Our Price: $33.00
Pevonia Sensitive Skin Cleanser - Gently remove makeup and impurities, reduce redness and irritation, calm, cool and refresh with this creamy cleanser that will not leave a filmy residue. Pevonia Phyto-Aromatic Mist - A light mist toning spray that sets makeup, hydrates the skin and restores the pH of the skin. CELLective O2 Revitalizing Cleanser is a beautifully rich textured lotion that invigorates and revitalizes the skin with Ginseng, Orchid extract and Glycoproteins. These key ingredients stimulate the skin promoting oxygen-revitalizing effects which is lost with the aging process.
Gly Derm Lotion Lite 5 Pevonia Soothing Sensitive Skin Mask Neostrata Ultra Smoothing Cream
Lotion Lite 5%
Our Price: $34.00
GlyDerm Lotion Lite 5% - 5% AHA Indication - Normal, combination to slightly oily skin. Lite Lotions and Lite Hydrotone are formulated with no petrolatum or mineral oil.
Used to continue to improve skin appearance or to maintain the in office facials.

GlyDerm Lotion Lite 5%
is indicated for use to break up and slough off dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. In removing these dead skin cells, the skin functions optimally and pores shrink down. Improvement in skin coloring and overall health. Glycolic acid, when applied topically to the skin, smoothes the appearance of pores, fine lines, increases skin hydration and the skin begins to get a healthy glow.
Pevonia Soothing Sensitive Skin Mask - Calm and moisturize while healing and alleviating redness. Calm skin, reduce redness and irritation, strengthen, heal and protect with this hydrating mask. An extra rich emollient cream for light exfoliation and hydration of sun damaged skin. Fragrance-free. Contains 10% glycolic acid, and is suggested to improve dry, rough or photo-aged skin on the face and neck.
PCA 20 Silkcoat Balm pHaze 20 Heliocare Sun Vitamins CELLective Restorative Marine Moisturizer
Silkcoat Balm - pHaze 20
Our Price: $39.00
Recommended Alternative: Cellective Elite Fortified Moisturizer
Specially formulated with antioxidants, advanced botanicals, and hydrolyzed silk for the ultimate in post-procedure skin soothing and repair. May also be used as an excellent nighttime treatement for dry and/or mature skin.
Heliocare is a sun protection supplement proven in clinical studies to be an inhibitor of UVB, a protector of skin-damaging UVA, and a powerful oral systemic antioxidant used in the preservation of healthy skin tissue. Found to be an excellent systemic oral supplement for psoriasis sufferers allowing for better reaction to PUVA light therapy. CELLective Restorative Marine Moisturizer is best suited for dry dehydrated skin. Extracts of red marine algae abundant off the shores of the Hawaiian Islands, which has been found to be calming, soothing and highly hydrating, have been incorporated in this unique formula.
This hydrator feels rich and creamy when applied however it absorbs quickly with no greasy after-feel.
TiZo Delicate Mineral Fusion SheerFoam SPF 30 PCA CliniCalm formerly Apres Peel Soothing Balm gloTherapeutics Pure Hydration
Pure Hydration
Our Price: $48.00
TiZO ShearFoam SPF 30 is formulated with multiple particle sizes of
micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide into a light foam sunscreen
that applies smooth and clear. Its easy application glides on skin for
uniform, complete coverage for maximum protection.
PCA CliniCalm is a calming moisturizer that provides the benefit of 1% hydrocortisone to reduce redness and irritation and a lightly emollient base to rehydrate the skin.

CliniCalm has been formulated to replace the popular Apres Peel Soothing Balm (1.7 oz jar of 0.05% hydrocortisone) which contained parabens.
The new PCA CliniCalm does not contain paraben ingredients.
A lightweight gel that boosts hydration through an infusion of water-binding humectants. Provides a protective moisture reservoir that reduces the effects of dehydration, discourages transepidermal water loss and balances the moisture content