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Hydrovase Wound Gel Hydrovase Wound Gel

Elta Hydrovase is a high viscosity, glycerin-based hydrogel enhanced with an endopeptidase blend that studies show may help the healing process work more efficiently. Pressure Ulcers Diabetic Ulcers Bed Sores.

Our Price: $10.00
EltaMD Intense Moisturizer Intense Moisturizer

EltaMD Intense Moisturizer is a fragrance and preservative-free formula that provides lasting moisture to keep the skin comfortable, hydrated and radiant.
Ideal for even the most sensitive of skin, Elta MD Intense Moisturizer is suitable for use after microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser treatments to promote healing and comfort.

Our Price: $11.50
Avene Thermal Spring Water Thermal Spring Water - 5.29 oz

AVENE Thermal Spring Water and its formulas bring your skin valuable soothing properties and helps reduce skin reactivity. Anytime your skin feels tight, spray a fine mist of Avene Thermal Spring Water over your face. It will leave a protective film onto your skin.

Our Price: $12.50
Avene Thermal Spring Water Thermal Spring Water - 10.58 oz

AVENE thermal spring Water and its Formulas bring your skin valuable soothing properties and helps reduce skin reactivity. Anytime your skin feels tight, spray a fine mist of Av�ne Thermal Spring Water over your face. It will leave a protective film onto your skin.

Our Price: $18.00
Glytone Acne Cleansing Toner Acne Cleansing Toner

Glytone Acne Cleansing Toner is a medicated toner that contains salicylic acid, an effective agent to break down comedones, clear blackheads and remove excessive oils. Leaves skin refreshed, squeaky clean and ready for treatment products such as Glytone Flesh Tinted Acne Lotion.

Our Price: $20.50
Actifirm Antioxidant Morning Cleanser Antioxidant Morning Cleanser

Actifirm Antioxidant Morning Cleanser is a concentrated facial wash. Your skin will relish in the soothing and protective comfort that comes with ingredients like Pomegranate and Green Tea. It gently removes all excess oils, dirt, and dead skin cells with the help of Mucor Miehi Extract, without harming your skin's natural moisture balance.

Our Price: $22.00
Exuviance Blemish Treatment Gel Blemish Treatment Gel


DISCONTINUED BY MFG. Recommended Alternatives:

PCA Acne Gel
Sesha Acne Spot Gel
Sircuit Fixit Anti-Bacteria Blemish Eliminator

Exuviance Blemish Treatment Gel:
This special greaseless gel is formulated for the control of blemishes, helping oily and acne prone skin appear smooth and clear. It contains a special formulation of Vitamin A and the NeoHydrox Complex, a unique combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids designed to combat blemishes, while improving skin surface texture and overall appearance.

Our Price: $22.00
DCL Skin Freshener Alcohol Free Skin Freshener Alcohol Free

A light, clean, alcohol free toner that removed excess dirt, makeup, and residue after cleansing the skin.

Our Price: $23.00
EltaMD Facial Cleanser EltaMD Facial Cleanser (Deep Pore Cleanser)

EltaMD Facial Cleanser is formulated to gently clean all skin types with out force, from adolescents with oily skin to adults with drier skin conditions

Our Price: $23.00
EltaMD UV Sport SPF 50 EltaMD UV Sport SPF 50 Very Water Resistant - (3 oz TUBE)

EltaMD UV Sport is a super waterproof formula that won't rinse off in water or run and drip into the eyes and sting when sweating.

Our Price: $23.00
EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser Foaming Facial Cleanser

Now patients with even the most sensitive skin can experience deep-pore cleansing without drying or irritating their skin. EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser is an innovative formula with a bromelain and apple amino acid blend. Its self-foaming action gently yet thoroughly removes make-up, oil and other impurities.

Our Price: $23.50
EltaMD UV Pure SPF 47 EltaMD UV Pure SPF 47

EltaMD UV Pure Broad-Spectrum SPF 47 is ideal for adults and children who want natural, chemical-free active ingredients in a daily sunscreen. EltaMD UV Pure SPF 47 is formulated with purely physical active ingredients (not chemical) which are photostable. It delivers broad-spectrum protection to protect against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays.

Our Price: $24.00
Glytone Flesh Tinted Acne Treatment Lotion Acne Tinted Spot Treatment (formerly Flesh Tinted Acne Treatment Lotion)

Acne Tinted Spot Treatment (formerly Flesh Tinted Acne Treatment Lotion)

For the management of acne.
Penetrates pores to control acne blemishes, acne pimples, blackheads and white heads. Helps keep skin clear of new acne blemishes, acne pimples, blackheads and white heads.

Our Price: $25.50
Avene Moisturizing Self Tanning Lotion Avene Moisturizing Self-Tanning Lotion

Introducing...Avene Moisturizing Self-Tanning Lotion
Are you tired of sunless tanners that leave the skin with a strange orange color, streaks and speckled? eau thermale Avene has just introduced a new non-greasy moisturizing tanning lotion with a very pleasant fragrance that gives the body a healthy, natural-looking tan without the damaging side effects of the sun.

Our Price: $26.00
DCL Active Mattifying Cleanser Active Mattifying Cleanser (formerly Active Cleanser)

DCL Active Mattifying Cleanser (formerly Active Cleanser) is indicated for: Oily/Acne Prone Skin

Clinically proven to remove pore-clogging oils and acne bacteria while soothing and calming aggravated lesions.

• 2% Salicylic Acid helps eradicate acne-causing bacteria and removes excess pore-clogging oil without stripping skin of vital moisture.
• Papaya Extract and Lactic Acid provide additional exfoliation benefits to give skin breathing room to help prevent future breakouts.
• Vitamin B5 conditions and moisturizes, while easing redness and irritation.
• Ginseng helps boost skin firming collagen, while detoxifying and purifying.

Our Price: $27.00
Avene Diacneal Soap-Free Gel Cleanser Oil-Free Gel Cleanser (formerly Diacneal)

Avene Diacneal Gel Cleanser now has a new name and packaging: called Oil-Free Gel Cleanser. Same size container and ingredient formulation is very similar to old (see ingredients list for comparison).

Avene Diacneal Gel Cleanser is a gentle, soap-free gel cleanser for oily, blemish-prone skin. Cleanses the skin while preparing for the topical anti-acne treatment lotion application.

Our Price: $27.50
Alyria Clarifying Cleanser Oil-Free Clarifying Cleanser Oil-Free

Cleanses your skin and refines pores, leaving skin clean and soft. Alyria Clarifying Cleanser is specially formulated for oily skin as it helps remove oil and impurities from the skin. It is pH balanced to maximize benefits of other Alyria glycolic acid products.

Our Price: $28.00
gloTherapeutics Purifying Gel Cleanser Purifying Gel Cleanser

gloTherapeutics Purifying Gel Cleanser is a non-comodogenic sulfate free wash that gently cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Infused with strong antioxidants and beneficial ingredients to regulate the skin.
Recommended For Normal, oily, combination, acneic, conjested or unbalanced skin
pH: 6.78

Our Price: $28.00
Glytone Mild Cream Wash Mild Cream Wash

This formula contains a blend of conditioners, moisturizers, and surfactants to gently and thoroughly cleanse and lubricate dry and sensitive skin.
Mild Cream Wash contains 3.4% glycolic acid removing all impurities from the skin while gently exfoliating, leaving the skin brighter looking and smoother.

Our Price: $28.50
DCL High Potency Body Moisturizer High Potency Body Moisturizer

This product has been discontinued by DCL. It has been replaced with DCL Ultra Comfort Cream

DCL High Potency Body Moisturizer

This high potency formula will rehydrate and soften severely dry skin.

Our Price: $29.00
EltaMD UV Elements Mineral SPF 44 EltaMD UV Elements Mineral SPF 44

EltaMD UV Elements Mineral SPF 44 is a 100% physical sunscreen in a tinted,
moisturizing base. This gentle formula can be used by those even with the most sensitive skin types,
including post-procedure skin.  Its chemical-free actives, zinc oxide
and titanium dioxide, provide safe sun protection. These
mineral-based UV filters work with ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid to
protect and hydrate the skin. UV Elements has a universal tint that
beautifully enhances most skin tones.

Our Price: $29.50
EltaMD UV Spray SPF 46 UV Spray SPF 46 - Improved

Back in Stock and Improved...UV AERO Spray SPF 45

EltaMD introduces the only spray-on sunscreen with transparent zinc oxide 9.3%. EltaMD UV Spray SPF 46 provides fast and convenient sun protection for the on-the-go family and makes it easy to protect hard-to-reach places.

Our Price: $30.00
Exuviance Hydrating Lift Eye Complex Hydrating Lift Eye Complex

Formulated with nourishing emollients, moisturizers, antioxidants, multivitamins, essential lipids and botanicals to soothe the delicate eye area and help prevent the signs of aging. An all skins creme formulated to provide a more youthful, smooth and radiant appearance.

Our Price: $30.00
gloTherapeutics gloPurifying Tonic Purifying Tonic

Normal, oily, combination, acneic, conjested and unbalanced skin
gloTherapeutics gloPurifying Tonic is a balancing antibacterial tonic with strong antioxidant effects.

Our Price: $30.00
gloTherapeutics gloClear Healing Gel Clear Healing Gel

gloClear Healing Gel helps reduce breakout redness and irritation while allowing skin to quickly heal with a smooth, clear surface. Prevents red or brown spots left after acne breakouts heal known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Our Price: $30.00
Citrix Antioxidant Cleanser Antioxidant Cleanser now under the Replenix label

Citrix Antioxidant Cleanser has been repackaged under the RepleniX line. Now called RepleniX Purifying Antioxidant Foaming Cleanser.
A rich, soap-free cleanser designated to gently an efficiently cleanse the skin without drying. This gentle cleansing formula contains a rich blend of antioxidants including Liposomal Vitamins A, C, E, and Green Tea Extract in combination with CO-Q10

Our Price: $31.00
DCL Clay Mint Mask Clay Mint Mask

**Esthetician's Favorite**
DCL Clay Mint Mask is a refreshing mask containing bentonite (raw chinese clay) will help clean pores, absorb excess oil and improve the texture and tone of the skin.
This clay based mask will help remove blackheads and unclog congested skin. A truly excellent product for oily skin, congested skin, and acne-prone skin.

Our Price: $31.00

NEW! Elta MD UV AERO SPF 45 is broad-spectrum containing 9% Zinc Oxide as well as 7.5% Octinoxate.
CONTINUOUS SPRAY - Full-body sunscreen for all skin types

  • UVA/UVB protection
  • Oil-free and water-resistant (80 mins.)
  • Transparent zinc oxide protection
  • Spray-on convenience

Our Price: $31.00
EltaMD AM Therapy Facial Moisturizer AM Therapy Facial Moisturizer

EltaMD AM Therapy Facial Moisturizer is a sheer non-comedogenic formula to help keep skin moisturized all day. This is an excellent light facial hydrator for use on acne prone and oily skin types.

It helps stimulate your skin cells to increase moisture absorption and retention, while willow bark non-irritatingly stimulates turnover for smoother skin.

Our Price: $31.50
EltaMD PM Therapy Repair & Restore Moisturizer PM Therapy Repair & Restore

EltaMD PM Therapy Repair & Restore Facial Moisturizer restores youthfulness while strengthening your skin's natural moisture barrier.
Niacinamide blends with antioxidants to boost your skin color and tone, as it speeds up your skin's repair processes.

Our Price: $31.50