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SkinMedica's entire aesthetic product line is based on the science of the skin's own healing abilities. As skin ages, elasticity decreases, lines appear and overall appearance is diminished. To counteract the effects of time, our skin care products contain restorative ingredients that work below the skin's surface to regenerate the health of the skin.

Scientifically proven recovery compounds include essential ingredients ranging from vitamins C and E to retinol to NouriCel-MD, our patented blend of growth factors, soluble collagen, antioxidants and matrix proteins. The impact is clear - fine lines are reduced, age spots and discoloration fade, and skin texture and elasticity is improved. All results of our commitment to creating a lifelong skin care solution for healthier skin.
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Skinmedica Rejuvenative Toner SkinMedica Purifying Toner SkinMedica Skin Polisher Facial Exfoliant
Rejuvenative Toner
Our Price: $34.00
SkinMedica Rejuvenative Toner - A refreshing toner designed to reduce the appearance of surface lines and wrinkle using mildly exfoliating natural alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). This product's non-drying formula is ideal for normal/combination and dry skin types. Discontinued by Manufacturer

Recommended Alternatives:
gloTherapeutics Refine Tonic - closest in ingredient composition
Glytone Acne Cleansing Toner
Glycolix Gly-Sal 5%/2% Pads

This invigorating toner targets acne breakouts and helps promote healing. This Toner effectively combines 2% salicylic acid, tea trea oil and antioxidants to penetrate pores and help control blemishes. This product is specially formulated for oily/acne prone skin.
A luxurious skin polisher with soft, ultra-fine jojoba spheres to gently lift dead cells from the skin's surface without stripping moisture or over-exfoliating the skin. May be used 1-2 times per week.
SkinMedica Purifying Foaming Wash SkinMedica Acne Treatment Lotion Skinmedica Uplifting Eye Serum
Uplifting Eye Serum
Our Price: $55.00
DISCONTINUED. Recommended Replacement:
Sircuit SAVIOR Problem Skin Cleanser

SkinMedica Purifying Foaming Wash formerly known as the Acne Treatment Foaming Wash

This instant foaming wash with salicylic acid helps remove excess oil and impurities to clear skin and prevent new acne blemishes.
Formulated with the advanced microparticle delivery system, this benzoyl peroxide based therapeutic lotion has the ability to reduce P. Acne bacteria as well as absorb sebum from the surface of the skin. A restorative blend of Botanical Antioxidants, Plant Extracts, Vitamins and lightening agents in a special oil-free formulation. Hydrates and lifts the sensitive skin around the eyes while reducing the appearance of puffiness, under eye circles and fine lines.
SkinMedica Retinol Complex SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump Replenish Hydrating Cream (now packaged under SkinMedica)
Retinol Complex
Our Price: $55.00
TNS LipPlump System
Our Price: $55.00
Recommended Alternatives to SkinMedica Retinol Complex:
CELLective Retinol Transforming Night Cream
DermWORX Retinol Night Serum Retinol + Resveratrol
PCA Retinol Renewal

Improve the appearance of fine lines, enhance skin texture and accelerate exfoliation for a more youthful complexion with minimal irritation using the Retinol Complex.
TNS LipPlump System. Be the first to experience fuller lips with NouriCel-MD combined with Hyaluronic Acid! Restores lip fullness and volume within minutes and offers long-lasting anti-aging benefits.
The Rejuvenative Moisturizer is rich with potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help rejuvenate and revitalize tired and stressed skin. This product is ideal for normal/combination skin.
SkinMedica TNS Line Refine SkinMedica Hydrating Complex SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex
TNS Line Refine
Our Price: $75.00
Hydrating Complex
Our Price: $80.00
Redness Relief CalmPlex
Our Price: $80.00
Generates rapid filling and smoothing action to visually reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and crow's feet while providing long term anti-aging benefits.
TNS Line Refine is excellent for extending the life of injectables and fillers as well as for those who are seeing lines forming but are not ready for fillers and would like to invest in preventing injections
DISCONTINUED BY MFG. Recommended Alternative:
SkinMedica Replenish Hydrating Cream

SkinMedica Hydrating Complex
This hyaluronic acid rich serum replenishes skins moisture reservoir and provides instant and long term hydration. Using this complex will enhance the benefits of your daily moisturizer.
Redness Relief CalmPlex by SkinMedica

Clinical studies show Redness Relief CalmPlex prevents and reduces acute, UV-induced skin redness and reduces chronic redness in only one week, with continued improvement through twelve weeks
SkinMedica TNS Illuminating Eye Cream SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair
TNS Eye Repair
Our Price: $95.00
TNS Eye Repair
Our Price: $95.00
New product in the TNS category that contains 10% of the Nouricel MD found in TNS Recovery Complex. This new eye cream contains a highly concentrated formulation of the patent ingredient as well as Haloxyl. Haloxyl is the latest and greatest biotechnology APPROPRIATE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES

TNS Night Eye Repair is the ultimate eye treatment cream formulated with NouriCel-MD, peptides, high concentrations of Vitamins A, C & E and Hyaluronic Acid to dramatically improve the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes.
TNS Eye Repair is the ultimate eye treatment cream formulated with NouriCel-MD, peptides, high concentrations of Vitamins A, C & E and Hyaluronic Acid to dramatically improve the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes.
SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex SkinMedica Vitamin C+E Complex
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This luxurious, moisturizing facial cream is known as the Anti-Aging Cream. This product contains the highest available concentration of Vitamins C and E, with hyaluronic and fatty acids providing powerful antioxidant protection against future damage. This product was designed for normal/combination or dry skin.
**It's Time to Upgrade Your TNS to LifeLine Stem Cell Skin Care - the new generation technology using non-embryonic stem cells for Repair and Rejuvenation**

Clinical Studies have shown that the active ingredients in LifeLine Skin Care (growth factors, cytokines, proteins and enzymes) extracted DIRECTLY from the stem cell (not the growing medium) contain much higher percentages of actives. We recommend using LifeLine Daily Defense Complex in place of TNS Recovery Complex.

SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex with Nouricel-MD
Recommended uses:

* Anti aging skin care
* Sun damaged skin treatment
* Skin care after procedures

SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex, containing the key ingredient NouriCel-MD, rejuvenates sun damaged and aging skin. NouriCel-MD is an unparalleled physiologic combination of antioxidants and other elements that are found naturally in the skin - a uniquely formulated, anti aging skin care product.
We no longer carry this product. Below are the recommended alternatives we feel are better overall antioxidants:
PreVOX Antioxidant Cocktail
CerumWORX Antioxidant Capsules
Image VITAL C Hydrating Antiaging Serum

SkinMedica Vitamin C+E Complex
is a highly stable, concentrated formula containing Vitamin C in water and fat-soluble forms for extraordinary antioxidant protection, to help promote cell renewal and improve the appearance of skin tone, texture and firmness. The Vitamin C is gradually released into the skin throughout the day. Use each morning after TNS Recovery Complex to maximize results.