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gloTherapeutics skin care products deliver a systematic approach to prepare for a chemical exfoliation and to care for skin following a treatment. Our products are blended with superior and distinctive ingredients that are chirally correct, pharmaceutical-grade, and are free from dyes and parabens.

glotherapeutics believes in exceeding expectations and maintaining a high standard of quality in all formulations.
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gloTherapeutics Purifying Gel Cleanser gloTherapeutics gloPurifying Tonic gloTherapeutics gloClear Healing Gel
Purifying Gel Cleanser
Our Price: $28.00
Purifying Tonic
Our Price: $30.00
Clear Healing Gel
Our Price: $30.00
gloTherapeutics Purifying Gel Cleanser is a non-comodogenic sulfate free wash that gently cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Infused with strong antioxidants and beneficial ingredients to regulate the skin.
Recommended For Normal, oily, combination, acneic, conjested or unbalanced skin
pH: 6.78
Normal, oily, combination, acneic, conjested and unbalanced skin
gloTherapeutics gloPurifying Tonic is a balancing antibacterial tonic with strong antioxidant effects.
gloClear Healing Gel helps reduce breakout redness and irritation while allowing skin to quickly heal with a smooth, clear surface. Prevents red or brown spots left after acne breakouts heal known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
gloTherapeutics gloClear Anti-Blemish Treatment gloTherapeutics Renew Serum gloTherapeutics Oil Control Emulsion
Renew Serum
Our Price: $38.00
Oil Control Emulsion
Our Price: $39.00
This active formulation battles breakouts at the root to destroy current blemishes and prevent future flare-ups. Scientifically proven Benzoyl Peroxide provides instant results, which is key for blemish emergencies. gloTherapeutics Renew Serum contains hydroxy acids and retinol to stimulate a mild exfoliation and cell renewal to smooth, improve texture and tone of the skin. Blended with anti-bacterial agents that provide oil control benefits.

7% Glycolic Acid - keratolytic AHA that smoothes and improves skins texture

2% Salicylic Acid - renews skin and has anti-acne and anti-irritant properties

1% Retinol - accelerates cellular renewal
gloTherapeutics Oil Control Emusion is a lightweight formula combining antioxidants, antibacterial agents and humectants that mattify and add slight hydration.
gloTherapeutics gloClear Refining Mask gloTherapeutics Lightening Serum gloTherapeutics Refine Tonic
Clear Refining Mask
Our Price: $40.00
Lightening Serum
Our Price: $42.00
Refine Tonic
Our Price: $42.00
gloClear Refining Mask is an oil absorbing clay mask intended to clear the skin of breakouts and calm irritation. Proven blemish fighting ingredients give the appearance of smaller pores and leave the skin refined and radiant. Battles discolorations with a highly effective combination of lighteners, melanin inhibitors and mild exfoliants. Additional ingredients complement the lightening process with benefits that help support the skin's health, strength and brightness.
pH: 3.0
Recommended For: Aging, sundamaged, combination, oily, congested, dull complexions, pre-treatment
gloRefine Tonic rebalances and repairs wounded skin by decreasing inflammation. It also effectively prepares skin for serum treatments.
gloTherapeutics Brightening Serum gloTherapeutics Pure Hydration gloTherapeutics Repair Complex
Brightening Serum
Our Price: $44.00
Pure Hydration
Our Price: $48.00
Repair Complex
Our Price: $83.00
Treats skin discoloration with a full spectrum of natural brighteners and smoothing ingredients to create a fresh glowing complexion. A lightweight gel that boosts hydration through an infusion of water-binding humectants. Provides a protective moisture reservoir that reduces the effects of dehydration, discourages transepidermal water loss and balances the moisture content gloTherapeutics Advanced Repair Complex developed to complement advanced treatments by regenerating and rehydrating skin, using growth factors to manage irritation and redness.
gloTherapeutics Triple Action Serum gloTherapeutics Super Serum gloTherapeutics Peptide + Defense
Triple Action Serum
Our Price: $90.00
Super Serum
Our Price: $117.00
Peptide + Defense
Our Price: $132.00
Recommended For: Hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, again, sun damage, dull complexions, pre- and post- treatment.
gloTherapeutics Triple Action Serum delivers visible regulation of cell renewal and evens tone and clarity in target areas immediately.
GloTherapeutics Super Serum features the ultimate anti-aging complex to help firm, tighten, renew, repair and strengthen, thereby supporting cell matrix. Skin will appear more youthful and structurally healthy.

This is a truly unique anti-aging serum that addresses several fundamental concerns that stem from skin that is starting to lose its vibrance, tone and clarity. As we get on in years, fine lines start to creep up around the corners of the eyes, on each side of the mouth and forehead. Some women start to notice brown spots they never had before that make the skin look uneven. ALL these areas of concern are addressed in just one product, Super Serum by gloTherapeutics.
gloTherapeutics Peptide + Defense
Revive the appearance of stressed, fatigued skin with strengthening ingredients to bring energy and life to your complexion. This potent blend of anti-aging and skin rejuvenating ingredients advance your skin care results, leading to a healthy and radiant appearance. gloPeptide + Defense not only provides natural protectants against environmental aggravates, but cellular and structural support. A blend of peptides improves skin function to enhance elasticity and durability, as well as may reduce the appearance of fine lines.